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How To Change Wifi Password in Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi

Online classes are now the New Normal for Students because of the Pandemic that hit the entire Globe. Not everyone can afford an expensive monthly internet for their homes. 

Globe Telecoms offers cheap but reliable internet prepaid WiFi that every student can afford. 

Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi is now at Php999.00 only, with FREE 10GB Data. Easy to setup, Plug and play and you can share up-to 6 Devices.

Globe At Home_Prepaid Wifi

Here's How to change the WiFi Name and Password.

Looking at the back of the Modem, you will see it's Prepaid Wifi Number and Wifi name and Password.

Method 1.
You can connect the Yellow UTP cable from the Globe Prepaid Modem to your Laptop or Desktop Computer and Open Internet browser Chrome/Opera/Firefox

Method 2. For Smartphone users.
Connect to the GlobeAtHome_BC32B or depending on what is written on the modem and type the password. Open Internet browser Chrome/Opera/Firefox

Type on the internet browser. It will redirect to it the page info. Then Click Login

username: user
password: @l03e1t3

then click Log In

On the modem's dashboard, Click on  Wi-Fi Basic Settings menu right beside the Home menu.

Now you can change the WiFi Name and Password as you desire.

See example below.

you can change the Wi-Fi password shown on the example with your own password.

Globe at home prepaid wifi

Now you have successfully change your WiFi name and password.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy and stay safe.

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