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How To Solve keyboard typing wrong characters (with Pictures)

There are lots of Keyboard settings, to name a few: in QWERTY - United States International, United Kingdom, Scottish Gaelic.

When the keyboard is typing the wrong character, for example you want to type the at '@' at the Shift + 2 key, but the double quotation(") will appear instead and on the Shift + 3 the symbol ( £ ) will appear. This means that you probably must have the United Kingdom keyboard settings.

To fix this problem, you must change the keyboard setting

Step 1. Go to Settings. Click on Window Logo (windows 10) then Click on Setting icon. 

Keyboard Settings

Step 2. Once your on Windows Settings. Select Time & Language 

Step 3. Click on Region & language, then click on Options 

Step 4.  Add a keyboad

Keyboard Settings

Step 5.  Find and select the United States - International (QWERTY)

Step 6. After adding the new keyboard, delete the United Kingdom keyboard and your Done. Try on typing again the Shift + 2 .

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