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How To Change Wifi Password and Wifi Name | Globe LTE (4G) Pocket Wifi (Huawei e5573cs-933)

How To Change Wifi Password | Globe LTE Pocket Wifi (Huawei e5573cs-933)
Globe LTE Pocket Wifi
This is the newest LTE (4G) Pocket Wi-Fi (Huawei e5573cs-933) released by Globe Telecom. This device has Free 5GB Internet Data for 7 days for only 1295.00Php more of less $25.00.

LTE (4G) is the fastest Internet speed  for Wireless communication and mobile date. Signals are still depending on the location. There are areas in the Philippines that are not LTE (Long Term Evolution) supported.

Here's how to change the Wifi Password 

The default wifi password is found under the back cover. (Open or remove the back cover)

This method will work on both Desktop/Laptop Computers and Smart-Phones (iOS and Androids)

1. Power-On the Pocket Wifi and open the Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

2. Type

Username: admin
Password: admin

3. After Logging in, it will ask you to change your Login Password. Then proceed to Globe Dashboard. On the lower right of the screen. Click Password.  

See Image:

Globe LTE (4G) Pocket Wifi Log-in Page

 Or Click on Settings > WLAN Basic Settings

Change Wi-Fi Password and WiFi Name
4. Change the SSD or The WiFi Name. Then the WLAN Key or Wifi Password. (Type your desired Name and Password)
The combination of the password should be Alphanumeric with Upper Case and symbols.

"PassW0rd8" (read as passwords, but the letter 'O' is being replaced by the number Zero '0'  and letter S is 8. or 83Cret (which reads as secret) make sure you will memorize the password you create. 

You can create your own combination of passwords.

5. Lastly Click Apply button.

Now it will ask you again to connect the your wifi and this time use your own password that you created a moment ago.

Enjoy your new Globe LTE pocket wifi.

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  1. Thank you so much for this info! It's very helpful and easy to understand

  2. I cant open this in the browser. What should i supposed to do? Thank you

  3. can't open this in the browser...always saying incorrect username and password.

  4. i followed the process and successfully changed the password and username but upon restarting the gadget, it keep on saying "incorrect username and password". my globe pocket wife is huawei model BA25

  5. Wala namang free 5 gb ng saleslady nireguster n nya at magload kami kc after24 hoirs pa mag aactivate ang 5gb free ...

  6. I tried opening the huawei gloobe tatoo portal before and it worked. I can even send message via it but since I changed it to a new password, I can no longer open the portal whether using the old password or the new one or the wifi key. it's been months. I tried connecting a new device, it did worked but when getting into the portal, it always says the password is incorrect.

  7. I cant login even though i follow the procedure why is that?

  8. Can't open always saying incorrect password