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Laptop Bomb Threat

The US intelligence just revealed the newest terrorist tactics  to conceal bombs using laptops, that can be carried on-board in an Airplane or anywhere and create an amount of damages resulting to hurt innocent people.

Laptop Bomb Threat

Middle East there are Airports  issued policies on forbidding laptops or any electronics devices larger than cellphones to be hand-carry during flights. The terrorist somehow discovered a smart way to hide the explosives and have it undetected when passing through a scanning machines,  Georgia’s governor declares a state of emergency after the bridge collapse.

There were reports also said the this kind of technique was being made in last year's Airplane bombing in Somalia, according to Somali officials, a certain Abdulahi Abdisalam Borle, had a Somali passport and was about 55 years old was missing.

Bomb experts explains that even in a small explosion that can fit in a laptop case or even smaller will create a "catastrophic" effect.

That's because a small hole caused by a small explosion would create a secondary effect if the cabin is pressurized and the plane is flying at a high altitude.

The safety of every human being is at stake, government officials are now conducting series of tests to counter this kind of threat and how to detect this new kind of bomb.  
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