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Tutorial: How To Reset/Refresh Windows 8 on PC or Laptop (Without Affecting Your Files)

Overtime our PCs and Laptops slows down, and users may experiencing some application errors and malfunctions. To get rid of this problem, a reformat or reinstalling Operating System may required. Microsoft company, has already innovated the ways and methods of reinstalling the Operating System without having CDs or DVDs.

In this tutorial, we will help on REFRESHING your PC or Laptop without affecting your files, this is so easy. Just follow the instructions below (with Pictures)

1. Turn-on you PC or Laptop. (very basic)
2. Point your mouse to the top right or bottom right corner of your screen for the Charms Bar to appear, then click Settings > Change PC Settings > General.

or Pressing Ctrl and letter F to Search: Type "Restore"

How To Reset/Refresh Windows 8 on PC or Laptop (Without Affecting Your Files)

3. Click "Refresh you PC without affecting your files"
4. Click "Get started"

5. Click "Next" and wait until finished. 

6. Once Refreshing is Finished. You still have all your documents intact. All you have to do is reinstalling your software applications like Adobe Reader, Photoshop and the like. 

Hope it help and enjoy your day. 

Disclaimer: This Tutorial is based on author's personal experience only. Mavtech is not part or representative of Microsoft Company. Do it at your own risk. Mavtech will not be held responsible of any damages on the computer or lost data files.
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