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Convert PDF to Excel Quickly and Efficiently

In a world where we abundantly use digital documents in PDF format, it is no wonder there are a lot of tools that compliment this omnipresent file format. Some of those tools are super useful, such as simple converters that turn PDFs into editable, widely used file formats. One particular converter that is very popular among accountants, financial experts and the retail industry is Investintech’s PDF to Excel converter.

The most important feature of this free, web based tool is that it provides extremely accurate conversions and is doing so without any limits to the PDF file size or the number of conversions. Here is a brief tutorial how to use this freebie:

First Step:

Select the PDF file from your computer that you want to convert to Excel. Click OK.

Second Step:

Type your email address in the box. Make sure to check your spam folders. In case you want to receive additional promotional content related to this product, feel free to check the box below.

Third Step:

Click Convert and your Excel file will shortly be delivered straight to your Inbox.

While for privacy reasons the converted documents stay on the company's servers for 24 hours only, PDF to Excel is best used for non confidential documents. Happy converting!
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