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Trending Gadgets for the New Year - Check it out at CES 2016

It's another year, so, you might wondering what's new for the New Year. Here are some gadgets that got the eye of most who've attended the  2016 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas.

Photo credit Motherboard

Smarter, a company from United Kingdom, know for its Wi-Fi connected kettles, launches there newest gadgets just for your Kitchen Appliance, I mean to your refrigerator, yes you read it right.
The Fridge Cam is a Wi-Fi capable camera, attached to your refrigerator, with a mobile app that allows you connect with your Smart-phone, in the way you can view what's inside your refrigerator even when you are away from home, you can take a look and identify what to buy next, the camera however is not like a surveillance cam that will send you a live video clip, it will only take photos whenever the appliance will open.

Photo Credit: PCmagAsia

The Smarter Mats, a rubber mat that allows you to measure of how much is remaining on a certain bottle, let say, a beer, soda, a bottle of milk or a bottle of oil. It has an app that will alert you when it already getting down, telling that you need to buy a new stocks.

PhotoCredit: Motherboard

This one could not probably the least. The Smarter Detect, equipped with microphone sensor, it listens to every single activity happening in your kitchen, it's like a school principal who carefully monitors the classes. This detects the sounds of you kitchen appliances, like the microwaves and dishwashers, so by the use of the app that will let you know that your food is done, while having your laundry you are aware what happening on you kitchen, just make sure you have your smartphones anywhere you go. 

This is cool, no need for you to buys much expensive refrigerators just to have a high-end appliance, you just need these newest gadgets that will soon turning your kitchen a more Hi-Tech and a safer place in you house. For prices, according to some sources, it will only cost around a $100, a better cheaper though.

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  1. These are great add-ons but they will make you spend more as well. ;)

  2. This is an interesting feature which keeps you in the know of just how active you have been throughout the day Tehreem Ali

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  4. If you suspect your cell phone has spy software on it, the first thing you should do is have it removed go

  5. Fridge Cam is definitely for people who are at work most of the time and can work wonders for them. Recently got a double door refrigerator and would like to use this cam with it.

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