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Fixed: Google Chrome has no internet connection, but all other browsers have

Google Chrome: No Internet Connection

Everything is fine, Internet Connection is Okay, with up-to-date anti-virus, but after shutting down your computer, and use it the next day, suddenly it had a big trouble, your Google Chrome browser has no internet connection while other browsers have. This problem is not that usual but it happens sometimes. Maybe it is with the anti virus, sometimes AV blocked the internet access, in my experience in Avira Free anti-virus got that same problem, then I just reconfigure it by disabling the  IPv6 support. Open the Avira Control Center and navigate to Extras → Configuration
Click on Internet Protection → Web Protection and disable the IPv6 support. Then later on I changed my anti-virus to AVAST FREE.

Another thing to consider is the settings in your Google Chrome browser. Click on Settings > show advance settings and click 'Change Proxy Settings'

Change proxy settings

Change Lan settings

Unchecked the 'Use a proxy server for your LAN...' then click OK and your done.

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