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How to Root and Unlock Android Phones

Been searching for rooting tool for Android Phones? Here's the easiest way to root your phone with no hustle and it's absolutely FREE!!! Yes, it's Free!. Kingo Software is an Android rooting tool, that can convert Android users from standard version to Super user. It has also capability to unroot.

*[1]Rooting Android phones also have risks, here are some rooting risks.

  • After rooting your phones, you are probably losing your original data on RAM. So we highly recommend you backup all your important data (contacts, SMS messages, call history, etc.) before rooting or unrooting your phones, in case of data loss caused by unforeseen circumstances.
  • Rooting immediately voids your phone's warranty, you should consider very carefully whether you need to gain root privileges.
  • When gain root privileges process, there is a very small chance will result in lost data on the SD card. We recommend users backup all data first or use a blank SD card then start rooting.

* [1]Rooting benefits and effects
  • After rooting means giving yourself root permissions on your phone., you can manage all objects in the operating system. General software is available by using the ROOT privileges to implement more features, but when malware intrusion systems it also needs the root privilege. So please carefully consider authorizing an unknown application with root privileges.
  • After rooting, users can modify system files, delete, move, copy, etc. All these operations may cause the phone system or other application exceptions.
  •  After rooting, users can to delete the pre-installed program in addition to visualization applications, and also includes a number of important system components. Remove these important systems program might cause system instability, and the program is behaving abnormally.
  • After users get root permissions. If the user authorizes some unknown program with root privileges, all phone user privacy information may leak and result in a high security risks.
  • After rooting, the cell phone will lose all security protection by build-in permissions restrictions. This may result in your phones suffered by malware or virus attacks.
  • After you acquire root permissions, users may use other tools to complete the whole modifications to the system's internal procedures, if the user lacks a preliminary understanding of rooting, please does not use this function.
So after know these things, it's up to you if you're going to root your Phone or not. 

You can Download the software. Click Here

After downloading it successfully, Install the software and run the application.

Connect your Android Phone to your Laptop/Desktop Computer. Wait until it finished downloading the drivers. 

After downloading drivers, enable USB debugging mode.

Click ROOT and wait until it finishes the rooting, and your done, notice to have a Super user app in your phone. 

Trusted and Tested! 

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