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How to Create Personalized Memes using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Create your own memes using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
After learning how to convert PowerPoint to Picture format

Here's how.

Open MS PowerPoint

Step 1: Click Insert Tab menu > Picture. Locate picture then insert.

Step 2: After inserting the picture, adjust the picture size as you desire then insert text.

Step 3: Click File menu > Save As > Drop-down and select (JPEG,PNG, GIF) format

 Step 4: Message box will appear "Do you want to export slide in the presentation or only the current slide?"

4.1 Select Every Slide if you want to convert all slides to picture
4.2 Select Current Slide Only if you want to convert the selected or current slide to picture format.

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  1. Cool!
    creating memes using Microsoft Powerpoint is quite easy and fun...

    create meme via Followlife

  2. Cool, but you can use them for presentation to their colleagues or to creative customers with a sense of humor. Mem with a beautiful pattern makes miracles I've already tried. I did a presentation for meetings of graduates, all very much liked the idea of memes and beautiful covers. Can to Use. Good luck. Thank you for sharing.