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How to Change D-Link Router WiFi Password

In this blog you may noticed that most of our articles are about resetting wifi passwords, it is because this is very important thing to do to secure your Data files and important documents. Changing your WiFi Password at-least quarterly or you can do it monthly.

Creating a strong password will make you more secured. A strong password consist of atleast 8 Alphanumeric characters with special symbols.

To change your D-Link Router Wifi Password, Here what you have to do;

1. Open your Internet Browser (Chrome/Opera/Firefox/Safari) and type in the address bar

2. Login to the Router's Dashboard. User Name is Admin and just leave it blank on the password.

D-Link Log-in Page

3. Once you access the Configuration dashboard, Click "Set-up" in the upper Menu.

4. Click on the “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” button. On the Wireless Security Mode select "WPA-Personal" then on the WPA select WPA-2

5. Now on the Pre-Shared Key, Type in your desired phrase, atleast 8 character, and Your Done. Click on Save Settings.

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